Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev in Facada Photo Doug Gifford

Natalia Osipova wows at the Ardani 25 Gala

The evening may have featured a stellar list of male dancers, but it was Natalia Osipova that most people had come to see, and she didn’t disappoint with two electrifying performances in an evening of diverse dance that included the world premiere of Alistair Marriott’s Zeitgeist.
David Mead reports.

Babatunji and Laura O'Malley in Biophony Photo Quinn B Wharton

Alonzo King LINES Ballet at Jacob’s Pillow

Alonzo King LINES Ballet recently returned to Jacob’s Pillow with a program that included Biophony, a new 40-minute work that had its world premiere in April. “The idea behind the work is astounding but it seems King missed a great opportunity…There is no evolution, no collective soul, to the dance” Marni LaRose reports.

Diana Vishneva und Alexey Lyubimov in Tatjana Photo Oleg Chernous

Diana Vishneva shines in John Neumeier’s Tatjana

“Vishneva dances most of the role in a fevered state, the ghoulish ecstasy of her dance and the sinuous wilderness of her limbs suggesting in one intoxicating mix both the animus and the noble.”
From HamburgJoy Wang X.Y. reports.

Also from Hamburg, Maggie Foyer on Neumeier’s Peer Gynt.

Sinatra: The Man and His Music Photo Nobby Clark

Sixty-five years on, Sinatra fills the Palladium again

Sixty-five years since Frank Sinatra made his London debut at the London Palladium, he’s back. Well, sort of. “Thanks to some great visuals using 3D imagery, Sinatra: The Man and His Music, part biography, part tribute, and part musical, is about as close to a live concert as anyone is going to get.” David Mead reports.

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